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Bengt's astronomy links


Astro-Photography Mailing List (APML) Archives Loads of information on astrophotography. Many of the world's best astrophotographers share their experiences with the rest of us, but amateurs at any level are welcome. I don't hesitate to call this THE Internet resource for astrophotographers!

Other astrophotographers

Bob Yen's Hale-Bopp page Very nice pictures of the comet. You certainly don't want to miss Bob's fantastic scenic shots which really add a dimension compared to most images. One of them was featured in Newsweek magazine!

Amtsgymnasiet i Sønderborg A danish school with astronomy activities on its program! I wish that every school could provide this to the students.


Comet Hale-Bopp Home Page The largest collection of Comet Hale-Bopp images in the world, maintained by Ron Baalke at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Many thanks to Ron for taking on this huge task. Make sure you don't miss the pictures taken on March 17-18, 1997 because some of them were submitted by yours truly! A site that, despite it's name, has a lot of information on comets in general, but of course the focus is on Hale-Bopp.

Astronomy On-Line: Comet Hale-Bopp Exercises Why not try your skills as a scientist? You'll find some suggestions for "serious" work like calculating the orbit-period of the comet. The site should be an excellent starting point for the physics teacher who wants to introduce his or her pupils to astronomy.


Eclipse Home Page A superb guide to both solar and lunar eclipses, maintained by Fred Espenak at NASA. You'll find pictures of past eclipses and information on future events as well as a great amount of related links. Not to be missed!

Eclipse for everyone Juan Parada's excellent guide to both solar and lunar eclipses, featuring images by yours truly as well as numerous other beautiful illustrations.


Sky & Telescope The perfect companion to the printed magazine. One of the best all-around astronomy resources on the net.

Astronomy The other "big" astronomy magazine for amateurs.

Astronomy Now On-line version of the Brittish magazine.


The Working Group on Space Sciences in Africa An international, non-governmental organization founded by African delegates at the 6th United Nations/European Space Agency Workshop. The organization publishes "African Skies", a newsletter distributed to individuals and institutes involved in research and education in the space sciences in Africa.

ATM (Amateur Telescope Making)

Amateur Telescope Makers (ATM) Archives This is the archives for the "Amateur Telescope Makers" group and possibly the best ATM resource on the net.

UK ATM Resources Excellent site maintained by Stephen Tonkin. His Barn Door Drive is an inexpensive and fun tracking platform for the beginning astrophotographer who wishes to overcome the limitations inherent in a camera mounted on a fixed tripod. The best of all is that anybody can build it.

Willie Koorts's Home Page A resident of South Africa, Willie has built a beautiful split-ring mount with a stepper motor drive for his 9" reflector which enables him to enjoy the splendors of the southern sky. In addition, he offers you some free astronomy software.

Swedish/Scandinavian equipment dealers

Astromedia AB Carries a full line of telescopes and accessories from Celestron, Vixen and Tele Vue. Claes Tunälv, who operates the company on a part-time basis, is very nice to deal with. Recommended.

European (non-Scandinavian) equipment dealers

Orion Optics A Brittish company carrying complete telescopes and parts for the ATM as well as a full line of accessories. In addition to some well-known brands they also market their own series that looks promising. As of this writing I don't know if they are willing to sell to customers outside the UK.

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