Fredrik Roubert

“Jag är en djefla man, som kan göra många konster.”

Welcome to my homepage! Here you can find my contact information and links to my various computer and internet projects, as well as links to some companies and organizations that I’m affiliated with.

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Fredrik Roubert
Forsterstrasse 64
8044 Zürich

My web pages

A collection of miscellaneous software that I’ve written. The source code is freely available, for whatever purpose you would like to use it.
A program to control the Panasonic dc1000 series of digital cameras. It can be used to preview, download and delete images.
Blinkmojten Hugo [y’gå]
A LED display at the Lund Institute of Technology connected to the internet, so that anyone can send messages to it. Useful.
Народная Армия Организованное Движение Сопротивления Руководящих Анархических Сепаратистов Молодого Лунда Свободиый Альянс Сейчас—not to be taken too seriously.
Is this a form of art, or just juvenile stupidity? Judge for yourself …
Information on the programming language Simula 67. Links to web pages, compilers and class libraries. Last updated years ago, but might be of interest to someone anyway.

Other web pages

Google Switzerland
Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. And it’s the company I’m working at nowadays.
Lund Institute of Technology
The place where I spent quite a few years of my life.
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Here I studied for a year (2000–2001) as an exchange student.
A student fraternity, for computer science students, in Lund.
Västgöta Nation
A student fraternity in Lund.
A student fraternity in Zürich.
The Computer Society at Lund University and Lund Institute of Technology runs the server on which this homepage is located, and does a lot of other computer related things as well.
Mensa Sweden
Mensa is an international society that aims to find and unite intelligent people all over the world through newsletters, meetings, correspondence and the like.
Joakim Roubert
My brother has also got his own homepage.