Album: "Emelia EP" (2011)
Title (click to download): Size: Lyrics: Released:
Burn the books kill the priests [OGG] 8.8 MB N/A Mar 14
Rock Turns to Water 2011 Mix [OGG] 6.1 MB N/A Oct 11
Emelia Instrumental [OGG] 7.5 MB N/A Apr 11
Emelia [OGG] 3.5 MB View Apr 11
Album: "Evil Presence" (never to be released)
Title (click to download): Size: Lyrics: Released:
Plurken [OGG] 5.5 MB View Sep 01
Europaväg 23 [OGG] 4.5 MB N/A Nov 99
Svarta Hundar (One Man Mix) [OGG] 2.4 MB View [English] Jul 99
Svarta Hundar [OGG] 2.4 MB View [English] Jun 99
SIDamp Theme [OGG] 2.6 MB N/A May 99
Gammal Fäbodpsalm Remix [OGG] 3.7 MB View Mar 99
Gammal Fäbodpsalm [OGG] 2.3 MB View Feb 99
Lonely [OGG] 2.5 MB View Jan 99
Rock Turns to Water [OGG] 3.4 MB View Dec 98
Album: "Vi äter staten" (1998) (get album cover art here, 400 KB)
Title (click to download): Size: Lyrics: Released:
Tusentals! [OGG] 3.4 MB View ??? 98
Av Dig [OGG] 4.1 MB View ??? 98
Den 125:e [OGG] 4.3 MB View ??? 98
Gråsång Hardfloor Remix [OGG] 2.4 MB N/A ??? 98
Kroppens låga [OGG] 3.4 MB View ??? 98
Kom ihåg mig [OGG] 3.7 MB View ??? 98
C64 Remixes by Stygg Sylt
Title (click to download): Size: Lyrics: Released:
Babylon (hardcore edit) [OGG] 2.4 MB N/A Oct 99
Schneider does Club [OGG] 3.3 MB N/A Feb 99
Snakefright [OGG] 3.5 MB N/A ??? 98
Warez the Phuture? [OGG] 4.3 MB N/A ??? 98
Rhaa Llovely 2 [OGG] 3.7 MB N/A ??? 98
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STYGG SYLT are Linus Walleij and Kaye Brewster and whoever happens to be around, don't contact us we contact you. Stygg Sylt lives right here on this page and nowadays we manage distribution via CD Baby which means basically: iTunes and Spotify and all that stuff. We have good old downloads here of all stuff as well.

Swedish: För att ladda ner låtarna, sikta på titeln ovan och klicka. Du lär behöva nån plejer för att lyssna på låtarna.

Origin information: Covers: Gråsång (KillerMörders / Frans af Schmidt), Kom ihåg mig (Conny Bergh), Snakefright ("Snake Fighter" - Linus Nielsen), Warez the Phuture ("Flying Shark" - Jim Evans), Rhaa Llovely 2 (Jeroen Kimmel)

Helpers on this virtual demotape: Frans af Schmidt, guitar on Den 125:e and Rhaa Llovely 2, riffs and lyrics in Gråsång. Logo above drawn by Lars Holmgren.

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