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Linux projects:

Other Free and Open-source software projects:

Algorithms - good to have. I wrote them myself! :-)

Stuff, scripts & such, download by click:

  • My .emacs - enough said
  • Client Config - whenever I sit down at a new (Micro$oft) workstation I run this script. It installs N0tep4d in "Send To", "Command Prompt Here", Printers and a lot of silly stuff. Look at it before you decide to use it OK?
  • MP3 Lister a script that reads metadata from MP3-files and stores it in your Windows Desktop directory as a plaintext file AND as CSV (Comma Separated Values) for Excel eg.
  • Fix MP3 Names a VB-Script that runs in the Windows Scripting Host (which is included with Windows 2000) it also exists at Win32 Scripting which is a great site by the way.
    What is it good for? when you select a directory the script will go through it and all sub-catalogs and rename all the MP3 or MP2 files it finds to something proper and unescaped to you no longer will see tHeSe%20stuPid%20tHinGs!

These are some RTF-tools developed in Borland Pascal by Linus Walleij, the great rock'n'roll spider, which can be used for converting RTF-files to HTML and TeX (LaTeX 2e). The sourcecode was lost in time like tears in rain. My new Recode-filter is much a better startingpoint anyway. Perhaps I'll create a real GNU program that does this.

I am also responsible for these:

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